August 30, 2011

Welcome - 'Gardens of Miranda' Sci-Fi Stop Motion Series

The year is 2185, and astrobiologist Jack Pure-Folly and his assistant Effie are conducting a field study on the newly-discovered planet Miranda, during the course of which they make some startling discoveries. Jack and Effie also happen to be robots.

Miranda’s atmosphere is lethal to humans, so Dante, the field study’s supervisor, decides to send the two robots to gather data and allow him to conduct the expedition remotely from his ship in geosynchronous orbit above the planet. Everything goes according to plan for the first two weeks, and then things start to get interesting.

This is the debut of my journal about the making of Gardens of Miranda, a stop-motion animated film designed as a per-episode downloadable series. The world of Miranda is realized through models and miniature stop-motion puppets, all animated sequentially in a frame by frame process. Those frames are assembled into shots and sequences and combined with a wide array of additional elements to create the final film.

I will be doing online updates about the production, making of, overview of the creation of models, miniatures, puppets, and other aspects of this project.

The above photos are samples of the behind the scenes. As I proceed with this journal, I will post more details & description. In a few weeks, as they become available, I will be posting teaser clips of the animated sequences. So stay tuned & boomark Gardens of Miranda and/or subscribe to this blog-journal's RSS Posts feed (see right sidebar).