September 26, 2011

Concept Art Illustrations

Here are some concept art for Gardens of Miranda. The first one, a wide view of the forest where the main action takes place, by famed paleo artist Douglas Henderson, best known for his restorations of Earth's distant past.

Based on the above Henderson forest concept art, a photo composite test image was created (below). I shot different sized model trees, vines and seedlings against a blue backing, using  the same lighting set-up, and Greg Bossert and I spent a few hours on the computer placing, stretching, squishing and color correcting the various elements until we got an image that approximated the artwork but was photo real, because we used real photos.

The other art concept illustration below, is a wide low-angle view of the desert and the monolith where our story unfolds, was done by movie concept artist Brian Matyas.

Another view of the Heli-bug puppet, one of several forest inhabitants.

September 09, 2011

Stop Motion Heli-bug and Kong Armature to be Transformed

In the debut of Gardens of Miranda journal-blog, I posted some teaser photos. Here are a few more photos of the bug and a couple of full reveal photos of the 'formerly known as Kong armature', before it was subjected to the surgery transformation.

This photo below shows a belly-view of the unfinished and unpainted Heli-bug, one of the forest inhabitants in Gardens of Miranda.

Most of the body parts were sculpted in clay and cast in urethane resin from silicone molds, then linked together with a variety of single and double-ended ball joints. Due to the size of the tiny joints, the limbs have some limitations in their movements, but they worked out fine, especially as the bugs spend most of their screen time flying and hovering. Here is image of the completed Stop Motion Heli-bug puppet.

Below are a couple of shots of Lionel Orozco's beautiful 18" tall Kong armature, originally made for my 2007 stop-motion short Skull Island. Lionel delivered the armature completed except for the ribcage, hip girdle and skull, parts which I later made and added, but ultimately it was never used for it's intended purpose. With the advent of Gom, I decided to reconfigure Kong into another character important to the story-line, and machined and added some new parts. Photos of  'that' new character will be posted in the coming weeks.


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